Heat Exchangers

Our Sanitary Heat Exchanger range is specially designed for pasteurising and general cooling/heating of beverages, dairy, brewery and viscous products, as well as utilities. No matter which product you select, you will acquire a proven, reliable, compact and hygienic design that will carry out its tasks effectively for many years to come.

What are heat exchangers?

They are devices specifically designed for the efficient transfer of heat from one fluid to another fluid over a solid surface. This transfer of heat can either take the form of absorption or dissipation of heat. Heat exchangers can be found in everyday equipment from boilers, furnaces, refrigerators to air conditioning systems.

How can heat exchangers be put to use for you?

As a heat transfer device, it is the function of a heat exchanger to transfer heat as efficiently as possible. This makes it the ultimate device of choice, for instance, when it comes to saving energy by recovering wasted heat and making it useful again. When there is a waste of energy or a heat stream that is not recovered, a heat exchanger can covert that heat stream into something that we can use.

We offer four types of heat exchangers. Each design offers its own unique advantages for particular applications.

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Heat Exchangers