Butterfly Valves

LKB – Butterfly Valve

Alfa Laval LKB butterfly valves are economical on/off routing valves, available for either automatic or manually operated systems. Due to their large opening areas, these stainless steel valves offer low flow resistance, allow for reversible flow direction and provide gentle treatment of low and medium viscosity product.

LKBF Flange Connections

The LKB is also available with flange connections. Flange connections in welded systems allow for in-line maintenance.


Available in either normally closed or normally open versions for automatic operation. The LKB can be fitted with vertically mounted LKLA actuators, as well as the ThinkTop® control and indication unit.


For manual operation, Alfa Laval offers a complete range of handles, including the new multi-position lockable handle and a complete range of multi-position, mechanically locking handles

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